A Lumber Supplier — Products That Meet Your Specifications

Buying quality lumber that can be shipped out as needed is essential to your construction company's longevity. Follow some tips to ensure that your supplier is featuring lumber products that meet your specifications.


Wholesale lumber suppliers and retail lumber suppliers sell a wide range of timber varieties. A wholesale supplier often sells lumber products in bulk. This type of supplier sells products directly to retailers who will then resell the lumber to their clients.

A wholesaler also sells products directly to contractors and individuals who are in need of wood.

A wholesaler who acquires their products directly from a logging company may purchase products for prices that haven't been marked up. Due to the reasonable pricing that a wholesaler is charged by a logging company, a wholesaler will typically pass on cost savings to their own customers.

A retailer will often acquire their goods through a wholesaler. They may pay more for lumber than what a wholesaler is charged by a logging operation. A retailer may charge their customers a slightly higher price for lumber than what a wholesaler would charge. Products that are sold through a retailer can be purchased in small or large quantities.


Once you have researched lumber that wholesalers and retailers sell, prepare a sample list of the products that you will need to purchase. Upon choosing one or more suppliers that you would like to purchase lumber through, find out if the products on your sample list are readily available.

Some types of lumber may be more difficult to source than others. If any of the wood varieties will not be in stock on a regular basis, find out how long it will take to order the wood you need. Your supplier will provide you with a timeframe for each wood product. 


Your supplier will have a policy that relates to defects. You may receive a credit, a refund, or a replacement product for any lumber that is defective. Once you have reviewed the policy, you will know the proper procedures to follow if you receive a damaged or blemished product.

Transport Essentials

Your supplier will outline the transport methods they use to deliver products. They will specify the rate they charge to have each shipment transported. They will also indicate how long it will take for your lumber to arrive. Once you have assessed the transport details, make plans to have someone on the receiving end when a lumber shipment is due to arrive at your place of business.

For more info, contact a local lumber supplier