How To Prepare For Winter Weather: Simple Tips That Will Come In Handy

When living in an area that experiences snowfall throughout the winter, it helps to know of several simple things you can do to protect yourself and others from sustaining weather-related injuries, especially when driving in such extreme conditions. Taking the proper preventative measures ahead of a winter storm can help you avoid slipping when walking or sliding while operating your vehicle.

Use Plenty of Driveway Salt Before and During the Storm

Driveway salt can come in handy during winter storms, preventing black ice from forming in those frigid temperatures. There are several places to put this type of salt, commonly referred to as rock salt, including on your driveway, your property, and any steps you might have. If you don't use it, your steps may become extremely slippery, making it difficult to get up or down without falling. In addition, by putting salt on your driveway, you have a greater chance of keeping it free from ice so that you won't have to worry about slipping and sliding as soon as you place your foot down on the gas pedal.

It helps to put the salt out before the storm arrives so it can work its magic, lowering that freezing temperature to keep ice at bay. However, you can also add additional salt as the storm starts. It won't be as helpful if you put it out when there is already an accumulation of snow on the ground. If possible, consider placing some of the driveway salt on the curb of your property so that those who walk past your property are less likely to slip and get hurt.

Have Your Tires Changed Before the Weather Gets Any Worse

If you're in an area that gets plenty of snow throughout the winter, it's best to invest in winter tires. These types of tires will provide a firmer grip against the road, even when dealing with snow, slush, and ice. While you can get all-season tires, the winter tires offer that added level of protection and are capable of withstanding such harsh temperatures and conditions. You can choose between several leading brands, many of which provide superior traction and can keep you safer on the road during winter storms.

Get ready for that cold winter weather by using driveway salt in various places, including on your driveway, outdoor steps, and sidewalk. As a safety precaution, you may also consider investing in tires explicitly made for driving through snow and other wet weather conditions to keep yourself safer when on the road.

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