5 Reasons To Use Plastic Clothes Hangers

Clothes hangers are a perfect example of a household item that often gets overlooked, but that makes a big difference in the end. After all, no one likes arriving to school, work, or social outings with wrinkled clothes. But many people may not pay enough attention to realize the advantages of plastic clothes hangers over other types like wood and metal. To elaborate, here are 5 reasons to invest in plastic hangers:

Resistant to Mold

Imagine getting ready to pull out your favorite shirt or blouse, only to find that it has been contaminated by mold. This certainly wouldn't be fun, but it can happen with wood clothes hangers. Wood is organic, and if it is used in humid climates it could begin to attract fungi and other nasty stuff. Plastic hangers are resistant to mold, and can hold up perfectly in any weather.

Resistant to Rust

Metal hangers are naturally prone to rusting if they are exposed to water or excess moisture. This can lead to staining your clothes and ruining them forever. Plastic hangers are made from synthetics that are completely resistant to any kind of rusting or oxidation.


With wire (metal) hangers, you could cut your hand on the sharp pieces, especially the twisted portion of the wire near the hook. The danger is even more real for kids, who may mistake the hanger for a toy and unwind the metal wires to form weapons. Plastic hangers are as harmless as anything could be, leaving you one less thing to accidentally hurt yourself on or worry about leaving your child with.


Wooden hangers may look fancy, but they are seemingly always more pricey than plastic hangers. Considering the fact that hardly anyone is going to see what's inside your closet except you, it makes sense to splurge your money on other items and save money while getting more value with plastic.

Variance in Sizing

There isn't just one type of plastic hanger; they can come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different shapes of clothing. For example, you may choose to use a wider hanger to accommodate the shoulders of your sweater and prevent those embarrassing little raised points that pop out (due to narrower hangers putting pressure on your clothes and stretching the material).

Who would of that plastic clothes hangers could make so much of a difference? When you think about it, you wear your clothes everyday and they affect how your friends, coworkers, and classmates see you. It's no fun to run around with stretched, stained, or musty fabric. You can enjoy a better hanger at a better price by going plastic.