Three Benefits Of Using A Propane-Powered Lawnmower

Now that winter is a distant memory, your grass is probably in full bloom. As a homeowner, this also means that it's time to fire up your lawnmower if you want to keep your lawn looking good. If you're like most people, a gasoline-powered lawnmower is probably your standard. Have you ever considered switching to a propane-powered mower? You might be surprised to discover that making this transition comes along with a number of benefits. Familiarize yourself with just some of them to determine if this switch is right for you.

Better for the Environment

If you're concerned with making a positive change for the environment, a propane mower can help you make a move in the right direction. According to one source, on average, gasoline mowers have a per hour carbon dioxide emissions output rate of 34.85lbs, while propane only has a rate of 24.88lbs. 

Over the life of the propane mower you can significantly reduce the amount of harmful emissions you're putting in the air even though it might seem like a small step

Reduced Maintenance

Good lawnmower maintenance typically involves removing any leftover gasoline from the tank after every use, but the reality is that most people rarely perform this step. Leftover gas that remains in the tank will become stale over time, eventually leading to corrosion.

Unfortunately, corrosion typically spreads, ultimately making its way to the engine. Excessive corrosion buildup inside an engine may require a complete replacement, which is a costly and time-consuming repair. With propane this is a concern you don't have to worry about, saving you time and money when it comes to maintenance.

Less Expensive

If you're the owner of a vehicle, you know firsthand just how frequently the price of gasoline changes and more importantly, just how expensive it is. On average, propane rates are typically steadier and often less expensive than gasoline. If you have a very large lawn or cut your grass frequently, over the course of a few months, you can spend a considerable amount on gasoline.

Propane can offer you savings in this area. Additionally, if you currently purchase fuel for your home, you can add on fuel for your mower at any contract discount rate you are currently receiving.

When it comes to long-term benefits, a propane-powered lawn mower will give you more bang for your buck. Before you power up your mower this season, don't forget to consider propane. Once you have your propane mower, a company like Small & Sons Oil Dist Co will be readily available to satisfy all your fuel needs.