Three Reasons You Need A Stretch Wrapping Machine For Seasonal Pallet Wrapping

Stretch wrapping machines, a.k.a. shrink wrapping machines, are an invaluable tool in the processing and manufacturing business. They are also very useful for wrapping pallets of seasonal goods. Here are three reasons why your shipping business should have at least one pallet wrapping machine.

Wrapping Pallets of Seasonal Items Keeps Them Tidy 

Some examples of seasonal merchandise on pallets that definitely should be shrink-wrapped are:

  • Bags of dirt, fertilizer, grass weed 'n' feed and pesticides
  • Holiday candy
  • Heavy bottles or containers of very messy or poisonous liquids
  • Awkwardly shaped packages with toys and other holiday sale items

These items are shipped a few months ahead of the season for which they are needed. In order for your company to ship them, and for the retailers to store them until the time is right, a stretch wrapping machine keeps the items in an orderly and organized fashion on a pallet.

Wrapping Pallets of Seasonal Items Prevents Spills and Rodent Problems

Stretch wrapping prevents accidental spills and inhibits warehouse rodents from getting into holiday edibles. The tough, durable plastic wrap inhibits smells of tasty tidbits and discourages gnawing rodent teeth. In the event that something breaks open and spills while still on the pallet, the stretched plastic contains the spill until it can be addressed.

Wrapping Pallets of Seasonal Items Keeps Them Fresh

The only fresher items a consumer can buy is manure straight from the farm and chocolate candy right at the factory. Pallets of seasonal items wrapped with a stretch wrapping machine preserves everything by sealing in the freshness of the goods. Seasonal edibles do not taste stale when placed on the shelf and the potency of gardening supplies remains effective for months after retailers put the products out for sale.

Hand-Wrapping Is Not the Same

If you think it is a better idea to hand-wrap pallets, i.e., use stretch wrap and a couple of employees to wrap plastic around a pallet of goods, it is not the same. The plastic wrap does not get an adequate stretch, despite the muscle power of your warehouse hands. The fit is not as tight and not as effective for containing large and heavy pallets of seasonal goods. What you save in money by not having a stretch wrapping machine you could easily lose the minute a pallet tips over, or a product bursts from the inside during shipping. Save time, save products, save money and buy a stretch wrapping machine today.